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Thanks to Chef Sarah Brewer, the food at our holiday party was delicious, hot and beautifully presented. We'll definitely order from them again!


Sarah Brewer has a unique ability that borders on Alchemy, in combining really healthy ingredients and making food that tastes sometimes too delicious to believe it was made out of such simple and healthy foods. I love all of Sarah's culinary creations especially her raw cakes, a few months ago she made me two divine Birthday cakes, a raw vegan key lime pie and a super berry chocolate masterpiece. 

  • Private & group cooking classes

  • Nutritional help 

  • Healthy Meal plans & COACHING

  • Catering (any amount of people)

  • special events

  • I can prepare/cook anything from Raw vegan to traditional Most HUMAINE SOURCES OF meats and dairy depending on dietary needs

healthy desserts:
  • raw vegan 

  • Gluten Free
  • alternative sweeteners like raw local honey, stevia & xilitol

hot vegan soup

Cream of Broccoli made with only two main ingredients: Broccoli & Garlic. And a splash of olive or coconut oil, salt, pepper & water. Garnished with fresh olive oil and a leaf of Tarragon. 

Available World wide

Butternut Bliss Gratin:
  • Butternut squash

  • gorgonzola

  • braised shallots

  • fresh mint, salt & pepper

RAW vegan:
  • Tacos

  • walnut meat

  • cashew cream

  • guacamole

specialized Meals

Private Chef/Nutrition consulting

Chef Sarah Brewer